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Why Travel? 5 Reasons Behind the Travel Urge

Most of us don’t even stop to think about the question. We’re already packing or booking flights or planning itineraries. Most would just call it a need. A need to travel. But what’s behind that need? 

We’ve got five reasons why the urge to travel comes to us. These don’t encompass each and every choice to take to the air or hit the road, but these five are at the core of our desire to be somewhere else. After all, taking a cue from the quote, “Life’s not meant to be lived in one place” we should all be out exploring the world around us–from the natural majesty of the West Virginia mountains to the idyllic sunny beaches of Florida.

Chances are right now, in this very moment, you’re experiencing some twinge or drive of a feeling to travel.

Which of the five reasons behind the urge to travel below fit that twinge?

why travel - escapeEscape

I just need to get away! How many times have you said that?

It’s that urge to get away from something that’s just making you crazy or upsetting you. A relationship gone bad. Too much stress from work. Too many demands from others on your time. Eventually it builds and builds until you’re just ready to scream and run away.

The good news is you can.

Sending yourself someplace else allows you to calm down and unwind. Plus it often results in finding a solution to what caused you to run away in the first place–walk away from the ex, find a new job or level with your boss about your workload, learn to say no and make time for yourself.

While they sound like easy answers, sometimes they don’t dawn on us until we’ve physically removed ourselves and traveled to make our escape. 


why travel comfort zone

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Hamster wheel getting to you?

Routines can help us get through each day without forgetting things, but they are, in the end, routines. And routines eventually can make you feel trapped or pinned in. Again, to use a popular quote, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.” 

We start looking for ways to shake things up and make life interesting again.

Traveling and getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to go to bring zest back into your life. Do something you haven’t before, like whitewater rafting. Or travel solo to a city or state you’ve never been to.

Getting out of your comfort zone will broaden your life while knocking that hamster wheel for a loop of its own!

why travel perspective


Gain Perspective

Perhaps hurling down a mountain on a gravity zipline and going outside your comfort zone isn’t what’s going to break your routine and refresh you.

Sometimes the key of breaking your routine comes from a new perspective.

Perhaps that life you think of as unexciting would be a gift to another person, a life they wish they had. And that kind of perspective—of realizing just how lucky you are—comes from seeing how others live.

Or it’s as simple as getting away from what you see every day. A change of scenery in and of itself is often a quick way to get that much needed view from another vantage point.

And the only way you get that perspective, of seeing how others live, is to travel.


why travel bucket list

Cross It Off Your Bucket List

You know that list of things you want to see and do before you die? That’s your bucket list.

Some of those things you can do in your own city. Those would be things like trying sushi or learning a new language (before you make the leap to travel to a country that speaks it, which is another item on the bucket list).

Others, such as witnessing base jumpers take turns hurling themselves off a 900 foot high bridge or explore the first city ever found in America, require traveling. (Remember the aforementioned quest to learning another language? This is where it becomes a travel tick on your bucket list.)

This would be travel that quenches the urge to experience as much of life as you want to see and do.

As a bonus? It’s probably the easiest reason to travel—you’re simply doing what you want!



why travel family

Reconnect with Family

For some, this is the most important reason to travel.

We’re all so busy now! Everyone, from the head of the family to the youngest child, have their own schedules—school, work, sports, dance, karate, volunteering, church events, even Bingo. And we all just get so spread apart!

You don’t want to wind up being one of those people who look back and wish that they’d pulled the family together more often, gone on more vacations together. Kids grow up very fast, and before we know it they’re adults on their own.

The solution is pulling everyone out of their schedules, whisking them off to a place where the only distractions are ones the family can do together. Totally reconnects everyone.

Multi-generational travel is on the rise! People are figuring this out! Grab the grandparents and the kids. It’s a whole new way of enjoying family travel.

Pst! Bonus tip! Reconnecting works best when everyone disconnects from their phones too.

Feeling that urge to travel? There’s no time like now to start planning your getaway–regardless of the reason. Travel solo and get out exploring, or gather the family together and reconnect. It’s easier than you think!