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Via Travel Tip: About Those Extra Airline Fees…

Okay, airline fees have gotten out of hand. ‘You want me to pay not only to get on your plane but pay to sit down—which I have to do anyway because federal law states I have to be sitting before we can even leave the gate.’ Not cool. Where do the fees stop?

Turns out, fees stop right here.

It is possible to dodge paying airline fees. It just takes a little work on your part for researching which air carriers charge fees for what basic amenities and how much those fees are and if those are fees you really want to pay. Or you can just fly with an air carrier who isn’t going to charge extra fees when you travel.

Let’s take a quick recap of the most common things airlines are charging fees for. There is and always will be government taxes and fees. Those are unavoidable. But other fees? How about your checked bag to start with? Because people travel with things like extra clothes. Unfortunately it’s become pretty common across the board for airlines to charge you to bring those necessities along. So travelers got crafty by cleverly packing everything into carry-on bags and suitcases. Then some airlines got crafty back by charging fees for carry-ons. There are also fees for your seat selection and in-flight snacks with some air carriers. Even water isn’t sacred to some airlines anymore. Yes, you’ll pay a fee for that too.

And the latest new comer to the fee game is airport check-in. What’s that mean? You know how you go to the airport when it’s time to travel to check-in, check your bag (and pay those fees) and get your boarding pass? Some air carriers have started charging for checking in at the airport. So that boarding pass you’re required to have to get through security and board your flight? Getting it by checking in at the airport is going to cost you with some airlines.

Are you reading this, shaking your head and thinking about how out of hand this fee thing has gotten? Yeah, we are too. What happened to the good ol’ days of air travel when your seat choice, checked bag, carry-on, airport check-in and snacks were all included? That you could take off and not have to worry about how much more money you were paying in addition to your ticket.  What happened to that? Is it gone for good?

No. Flying without fees has not gone the way of the T-Rex.

There is an air carrier that’s not going to nickel and dime you. An air carrier that’s bringing hospitality back to air travel so that flying is about you getting to your destination conveniently and not about draining your wallet. That air carrier is ViaAir.

When you fly with ViaAir your first checked bag up to 30 lbs, seat choice, carry-on, airport check-in and snacks are all included in your ticket. No extra digging in your wallet to pony up the money to bring your suitcase along or choose a window seat or even for your required boarding pass. You can save money by flying with our low cost fares and no extra fees so you can do more at your destination.  As a growing air carrier, our mission is to bring the good ol’ days of air travel back so you can enjoy the convenience of flying again.

Oh, we forgot to mention water. Yeah, we don’t charge for that either. So stay hydrated when you fly—that’s good for your health.