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In less than a week, nearly 40 million people will travel all over the country in celebration of Memorial Day. However, amidst the heat of the summer sun, the smoke of the barbecue grills, and the glow of the exploding … Read more


Summer. For many, just the word is enough to evoke feelings of freedom and bliss. Gray office walls morph into colorful sunsets, humming air conditioning units are replaced with salty ocean breezes, and long, stressful days are nothing but distant … Read more

Myrtle Beach coast

There is no place quite like the beach. With the month of May finally here, I can already smell the salty breeze, feel the soft sand between my toes, and sense the warmth of the summer sun. It’s no wonder … Read more

120 025 ACY angellcast

Most of us don’t even stop to think about the question. We’re already packing or booking flights or planning itineraries. Most would just call it a need. A need to travel. But what’s behind that need?  We’ve got five reasons … Read more

ViaAir EMB-120 018

Do you want to win free flights? Your chance to win two free tickets to and from any ViaAir destination is here! Show us how much you love flying with ViaAir, and you could win two free roundtrip tickets to Beckley, … Read more

When did flying become a necessary evil? Now it seems just about everyone dreads having to fly. We only do it because it’s the fastest way to get to our destinations. We only do it grudgingly because we feel we … Read more