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Fixing 3 Problems with Air Travel

When did flying become a necessary evil? Now it seems just about everyone dreads having to fly. We only do it because it’s the fastest way to get to our destinations. We only do it grudgingly because we feel we have to. Because overall there seems to be three overarching problems folks today have with air travel. And everyone wishes there were solutions. Guess what. Those solutions are here.

Problem Number 1: Fares Are High

This is the first thing folks encounter when looking for flights. They all seem to cost too much. Sure, as travelers we understand planes don’t fly for free. Fuel, maintenance and crews cost money, and those things need to be paid for so that planes fly. But it doesn’t mean we like forking over hundreds of dollars to do so—especially when we know that most airlines have reduced leg room in order to cram more paying passengers onto each flight.

The solution is low-cost airfare. And there are airlines who have answered this call, providing travelers with low cost ticket options. For some it’s flat out low fares and for others it’s a no-frills-at-all kind of economy seating. Either way, low-cost fares are a start on fixing air travel.

Problem Number 2: Extra Hidden Fees

This is the second thing folks encounter when flying. We’re not talking government taxes and fees. Those are unavoidable. We’re talking fees for checking your bag, choosing your seat and bringing a carry-on (which they seemed to start charging fees for when everyone was trying to avoid the checked bag fee). But then came fees for “airport check-in,” meaning you get charged for the airline printing the boarding pass you’re required to. And others still charge for snacks and even water. It’s where the whole nickel and diming reputation started to be associated with air travel. And who wants that?

The solution is to be fee smart. That means researching an airline’s extra fees before you book your ticket. Know in advance what fees they’ll try to charge you. But there’s an even simpler solution: fly with an air carrier that doesn’t charge extra fees for basic flight amenities. Yes, they do exist.

Problem Number 3: Feeling Like Flying Cattle

This is the third thing folks feel when flying. Be herded through check-in, then herded through TSA, then herded onto the plane, all packed in closely with several dozen of your new best friends so you can be transported from one location to another. That’s not air travel. At least, that’s not how it’s supposed to feel. You’re supposed to feel like someone is serving you while soaring from home to your vacation spot or business destination. It’s supposed to be about traveling conveniently. After all you’re paying an airline to provide you with a service to make travel easier, not just throw your money at them to get from A to B, right?

Spitzer creditThe solution is to choose quality air service. And it might mean taking some time to read reviews and do a little research to see how an airline has served others. The quality of service given to other travelers is likely what you can expect yourself. So choose an air carrier whose quality is proven.

So is there an answer to travelers who want quality air travel without emptying their bank accounts for high fares and extra fees? Yes. There is. Take the time to really look at your airline options when flying. But we’ll make it easy for you. You can fly with personable, quality service at low fares no extra fees. ViaAir gives you all that. And it’s true there aren’t any extra fees for your first checked bag (up to 30lbs), seat choice, carry-on or airport check-in. No, they won’t charge you for water either.