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5 Problems a Myrtle Beach Vacation Can Solve

Travel isn’t just for fun anymore. Now it offers solutions to some of the problems we face–some daily–in our lives. A versatile city of seaside charm on the East Coast, Myrtle Beach is an upbeat place with a way to solve an array of problems you’re staring down. We named 5 of those problems, and how the Grand Strand can help.

Want to know what answers Myrtle Beach has for you?

1. Stressed Out and Tired?
It’s true we get so dialed into our routines we start to feel burnt out. A lot of the time a simple night in isn’t enough to allow us to recharge. That’s when it’s time for a quick getaway. And what’s more relaxing than spending time under the sun at the beach? Nothing. Taking a trip to Myrtle Beach combines a break in your routine with a relaxing setting that’s the perfect cure for burn out. Make the trip, relax for a couple of days, and you’ll return feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

2. Disconnected Family?
Busy, busy, busy! Everyone in the family is rushing hither and tither between work, school, volunteering and social activities. But despite all our wonderful tech devices, we’re still left with that feeling of being disconnect from the ones we love. Thankfully there’s a fix. Round ‘em up and whisk ‘em away for a family vacation in Myrtle Beach. There’s plenty for families to do together: the beach, Ripley’s Aquarium, shopping, dining, the SkyWheel, miniature golfing, the boardwalk. The list goes on. And it all brings the family back together.

Extra tip: You might even consider dispensing with cell phones so everyone can focus on being together as a family in Myrtle Beach.

3. Bored, Uninspired or Listless?
We get stuck in routines, and routines lead to ruts. Before you know it you’re only going through the motions and feeling bored with your own life. What happened? You got stuck in a rut. But you can break out easily! A change of scenery is the quickest fix. Get away from it all by taking a mini vacation. That mini vacation in Myrtle Beach also gives you an extra sense of relaxing and unwinding on the beach if your rut has you burnt out. Consider it the Myrtle Beach Bonus! You’ll return home after a change of scenery rejuvenated and ready to jump back into life.

Extra tip: Bring back a few seashells to set out on your desk or in your home to remind you of the beach. It’s a quick way to recall yourself of the beach and how you felt there.

4. Golf Season Isn’t Coming Fast Enough?
After a cold winter indoors, you’re just itching to tee off. Unfortunately it takes longer to warm up in the mountains or further inland. Plus there’s all that pesky snow covering up the green. You can’t make it warm up faster where you are, so instead travel to someplace warmer. Not only does Myrtle Beach’s coastal locale allow it to get a jump on warmer weather, it’s also one of America’s golf capitals. Courses here were created by Golf Greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Robert Trent Jones—just to name a few. Plus? You can’t beat the views of coastal golf courses in Myrtle Beach.

5. In Need of an Inexpensive Vacation?
While we’d all like to take that Mediterranean cruise or two week tour of Europe, the money isn’t always there. But the need to get away with your significant other or family or even just on your own is there. And it doesn’t always compute with dollar signs. The answer lies in an inexpensive vacation that combines actually taking the trip you need without breaking your bank. Myrtle Beach is perfect for an inexpensive vacation. Hotels are reasonably priced and there’s plenty of things you can do without spending too much. Getting to Myrtle Beach is also possible without draining your checking account. ViaAir offers flights to Myrtle Beach for as low as $78* so you can get the most vacation for your dollar.

Now you’ve got the secret to how Myrtle Beach can solve a few problems you might be feeling. Want to take a peek at the Grand Strand to tide you over before you get there? We’ve got a Myrtle Beach Instagram tour for you that will introduce you to the seaside charm waiting for you.